Posted on: September 13, 2021 Posted by: Marina Agapova Comments: 0

As we all know, the popularity of the minecraft game is highly increasing in the recent days. It also means that day by day many new players are showing interest in playing this game. Even though this sounds to be fortunate, it is to be noted that the beginners are in need of proper guidance in order to play this game in the most effective way. Especially they are supposed to avoid certain mistakes in that may spoil their game to a greater extent. Some of the mistakes done by beginners and a better solution to get rid of those issues are revealed here.

Improper handling of explosives

One of the most common mistakes done by beginners is they will not be aware of handling explosives at the best. It is to be noted that this may also make them to lose their life over the game. The beginners should be aware of the radius of the blast. That is they should avoid standing too close after placing the explosive. Especially they must make note of this factor while they are trying to clear out a larger area. Hence the players should always make sure to run a long distance once after they tend to light the TNT bomb.

Mistakes to avoid in minecraft game

Not using the minecraft servers

Even though many players are making use of the minecraft servers to have the best gaming experience along with their friends. There are many beginners who are not aware of using it. The beginners must remember that using these servers can make them feel more adventurous and will make the game more interesting than the usual minecraft games. But once if they have decided to use the servers, they must use only the best and reputed online servers like KitPvP Servers for hassle free gaming experience.

Forgetting about tree fire

The other common mistake which often occurs among the beginners is they will totally forget about the tree fire. They would have set the tree fire accidentally and would have forgotten about it. And in some cases, the players would have set their fire intentionally and they would have forgotten it and will be preceding the game. This kind of mistakes is considered to be the stupid mistakes made by the beginners. And to reveal the fact, at times even the experienced players tend to make this kind of mistakes without their knowledge.

Not caring about save spawn

Obviously many players tend to make this mistake because of their excitement in the game. It is to be noted that the gamers should never forget about saving their spawning points. Especially if the gamers have built a home to store their valuables, they need the spawn points in case if they are about to die. Gaining these points is not a toughest job as they sound to be. The player is supposed to spend time by sleeping in the bed. But many people will not prefer to sleep as they will be playing the game with greater extent.